Hitz City Records is Femo Music on Feb 1st 2017

We are informing our users that ‘Hitz City Records’ will become ‘Femo Music’ on February 1st 2017. The name change will reflect latest developments to our services and platform. Soon, we will be launching new domains femomusic.com as well as femomusic.pl. ‘Femo Music’ is in the process of developing new set of tools to achieve our goals. From Android and iOS apps to new integrations with numerous popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Soundcloud, etc … we will be bringing a new comprehensive solution to bringing underground music together. ‘Femo Music’ model is to bring together a community of artist, that are underground, and help them collaborate and share music across our platforms and with each other. We are excited with the new prospect and opportunities that are coming with the new ‘Femo Music’ platform. Please stay tune as we continue with this new journey. Thank You!

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